Listening to the Earth

The Listening to the Earth movement is an invitation to collectively tune in to the wisdom & power of Nature during key political occasions on the environment

Upcoming Occasion

The next significant global occasion is the United Nations Climate Summit to be held in New York on the 23rd September 2019 with preparatory events on the 22nd.

Make it Happen

Join the Listening to the Earth guided meditation, from 9:30 to 10:00 NY time on the 23rd September (just before the United Nations Climate Summit begins).

We invite you to unleash your creativity and passion in contributing to the collective power harnessed by listening to the earth together.

We propose to focus our collective energy in listening to the earth at the time of significant political events on climate change and the environment.

We need help spreading the word! Please share this invitation to listen to the earth in your networks!

Why Listen to the Earth?

This movement is inspired by the realisation that to restore the health of our planet, we need to be guided not only by our heads and scientific knowledge, but also by our hearts and the greater consciousness that animates all life. We also need to draw from the power that comes from minds and hearts connecting with one another for a common purpose in a spirit of love and compassion. 

The change we need to see requires policies to be energized by environmental activism and guided by the consciousness of our inter-connectedness with the Earth. It is time to bring the three together.