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With the loving support of the conscious Earth we see the landscape of Switzerland around Davos holding a safe space for the participants of the World Economic Forum to be in touch with their hearts.

As people who are strongly experienced in wide networks and great providers we allow a place of deep gratitude within us for all of the participants of the World Economic Forum for being able to see what is your part is in creating a beautiful future of all the beings of the Earth.

We pray you feel safe to hear (consciously or unconsciously) within your hearts and bodies the needs of the Earth and speak on behalf of the Earth that which comes through you.

That you are nourished by the wisdom of the stars, the light of the Sun and the gentle caress of the winds of change.

That all barriers to working co-creatively with the intelligence of Nature to support life are easily removed.
That it feels easy for you to see the strategies and pathways that lead to the outcomes that are in your personal calling to achieve on behalf of future generations.

That there is a great feeling of the group being empowered to act on choices that are deeply aligned to the true needs of all of the Earth's Communities for.