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To Practice

Go to a place where natural beauty stimulates your higher feelings. Face in a pleasing direction and repeat or sing the words to The Birds of the Air song while making its accompanying arm motions. As you say each line or phrase, feel its meaning and project those feelings out to your surroundings. For example, while saying, “The trees are my friends,” feel your closeness with the trees.

Concentrate on sending to nature thoughts of love and goodwill.
Here are The Birds of the Air words (in bold) and accompanying arm motions:


The birds of the air are my brothers - Stretch the arms out to the side, turning the palms down. Gracefully wave the arms as if they were bird wings.

All flowers, my sisters, - Bring the palms together in front of you,
then spread your fingers apart like a flower opening.

The trees are my friends. - Join the palms together above your head and sway your body like the trunk of a tree.

All living creatures, - Stretch your arms out to the sides in welcome to all creatures.

Mountains, - Bring your fingertips together at chin level to form a mountain peak.

And streams, - Keeping your left hand at the chin, sweep your right arm out to the side fluttering the fingers like rippling water.

I take unto my care. - Cup one hand on top of the other, palms up, at heart level, holding all nature in your care.

For this green earth is our Mother, - Sweep your hands up and out from the heart, reaching out to include the whole earth.

Hidden in the sky is the Spirit above. - Look upward, extending your arms toward the sky.

I share one Life with all who are here; - Cross your hands at the heart.

To everyone I give my love, - Keep the right hand at your heart, and sweep the left hand out to the side with the palm up.

To everyone I give my love. - Keep the left hand out to the side, and sweep the right hand out to the other side, with palm up.


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