The mission of TreeSisters is to rapidly accelerate tropical reforestation by inspiring and channeling women's nature-based feminine leadership into local and global action. TreeSisters challenges everyone to do as much radical good as they can for the planet. Our generous global network of treesisters are transforming both lives and landscapes in extraordinary ways. TreeSisters offers unique global programs that focus on encouraging women's leadership, Nature-connection, and significant behaviour change. TreeSisters is funding the restoration of environments, biodiversity and communities within eight major ecosystems around the world, through a diverse portfolio of vetted, trusted reforestation projects. Join us in making ecological restoration the new norm.


We have shared with our TreeSisters Network and I believe there will be both local and virtual participation around your upcoming events! As an organization, TreeSisters offers nature-based meditations regularly, please find out more here: https://www.treesisters.org/2017-10-04-18-28-09/femmiversity