UNFCCC COP26 in Glasgow - Nov 1st - 12th

We're inviting Mother Earth to the COP26, with support from Original Peoples from around the world. Join us!

Join us for daily moments of mindful connections to the Earth, guided by representatives of Original Peoples from around the world, to support the COP26

Inspirations from 10 days of Listening to the Earth in COP26

Listen and be inspired to keep listening to the Earth beyond COP26 by hearing the highlights from the 10 moments of mindful connection to the Earth...

Discover the Listening to the Earth Podcast!

An inspiring interview about why listening to the Earth is so important in events such as the UNFCCC COPs

Myra Jackson, Expert of the UN's Harmony with Nature Programme and "Diplomat of the Biosphere", traces her fascinating journey of listening to the Earth.

James Lloyd, Nature4Climate Director shares how listening to Nature and the Earth can support climate policy negotiations

Why Listen to the Earth?

This movement is inspired by the realisation that to restore the health of our planet, we need to be guided not only by our heads and scientific knowledge, but also by our hearts and the greater consciousness that animates all life. We also need to draw from the power that comes from minds and hearts connecting with one another for a common purpose in a spirit of love and compassion. 

The change we need to see requires policies to be energized by environmental activism and guided by the consciousness of our inter-connectedness with the Earth. It is time to bring the three together.

Find out more about the objectives and principles that underpin the movement here

Listening to the Earth is hosted by the NGO Listening Inspires.

Most Recent Occasions

Check out how hundreds listened to the Earth on these occasions

A Summit and Film Festival to to activate the will of people, community and leaders toward restoration of our freshwater biomes. April 19-23rd 2021.

Join us Friday 13th November 11:45 GMT for a moment of mindful connection to the Earth during the Race to Zero Dialogues on Nature-Based Solutions.

Join daily moments of mindful connection to the Earth on the occasion of the Nature for Life Hub and UN Biodiversity Summit during the UN General Assembly.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day (22 April) the Listening to the Earth team and partners invite you to join a webinar & collective meditation

Daily moments of mindful connection to the Earth in support of UNFCCC COP 25

Get involved!

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The COP26 Meeting Opener Card

Are you participating in the COP26 and holding meetings there? How about you start with a minute of mindful connection to the Earth, as a source of inspiration and support? 

You can download the card here.

From Our Blog

Myra Jackson invites us to listen to what the Earth is telling us as the Covid19-induced global pause reveals Nature's power and invitation to reconnect...

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