Objectives and principles

Listening to the Earth is an invitation to:

  • Restore our innate relationship with Nature, engendering a shift from being consumers of Nature to consciously living in harmony with the Earth. 
  • Infuse high level political events on climate with positive and compassionate energy and influence outcomes positively through the power of collective concentration
  • Raise awareness about political events on Climate
  • Strengthen connections between networks advocating for a harmonious relationship between humans and nature

The principles that underpin the Listening to the Earth Movement are:

  • Belief in the power of the collective
  • The creation of a neutral space for individuals from all cultures, spiritual and political paths, beyond institutional agendas, to express their love for Nature in the way that resonates with their mind, heart and soul.
  • Fostering self-organisation, by encouraging all to unleash their creativity and initiative

The people who make Listening to the Earth happen.

Organisations that are participating in Listening to the Earth events.

Press releases from Listening to the Earth

Special thanks to...

All the amazing volunteers and partners who are graciously contributing their time, expertise and services to Listening to the Earth:

The Check-in Films and Studio 31db for the beautiful videos inviting us into a sensorial experience of Listening to the Earth.

Invitearth for their generous support on the occasion of the Nature for Life Hub and UN Biodiversity Summit by creating these wonderful footage and videos – an immersion into Nature's magical power.

Irvin Besic for the design of the Listening to the Earth flyers.

Mathilde Vigneau for designing the Listening to the Earth logo, with contributions from Irvin Besic.

Dean Leigh for designing the Listening to the Earth website, in collaboration with Ault Nathanielsz.