Weaving together her passions for sustainable food systems, yoga and meditation, Charlotte promotes "a soulful approach to sustainable development".

Building bridges to bring healing and peace at individual and social levels has reflected her personal and career path.

Myra has enjoyed a diverse array of hefty careers as an Electrical Engineer, Organizational Development Professional, Systems Thinker and Master Trainer.

Hailing from Fiji, Ashwini has over 15 years of experience in climate change campaigning and media relations, having worked with Pacific governments around COPs, WWF and CAN International.

The Nature4Climate lead, James is a UK based environmental activist.

Elise has worked in the field of sustainable development and climate change for fifteen years; she is highly committed to making this world a better place for people and nature.

Doctor Musonda is a Zambian-born environmentalist who worked for more than two decades in the fields of water management, conservation, wetland ecology and integrated landscape management.

A graduate in Environmental Management & Sustainable Development with experience at the French Ministry of Ecology, passionate about connecting with Nature

Marie-Therese works on diverse projects that fit with her vision of a healthy, peaceful, equitable world.

With years of experience in public relations & local government, Vandana is passionate about meditation & weaving people together for passionate purposes.

Creative and committed website builder and team connector