(Photo: Los Angeles, freed of its smog, can once more be "the city of angels")

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." ~Albert Einstein

In this decade, humanity is represented by seven generations of people living in a connected world with a full gallery of images from space of our planetary home. Through compelling scientific evidence and traditional knowledge, we now know that we are a force that can trigger catastrophic regime shifts in Nature that are fully capable of undermining Earth’s ability to provide for our wellbeing in the Future.

The signs are fully present of a dangerous shift from a friendly Earth environment — doing its best to sustain a desirable life-support base for all life — to an unfriendly one, where the planet shifts from absorbing carbon to releasing greenhouse gases.

It is not difficult to see how we got here. What we have seen as the soaring social and economic benefits of conquest, capture, extraction, appropriation, property, industrial farming, weaponization of scientific and technical discoveries, are now seen as a harmful, unsustainable world system unaware of its ecological-economic-societal interdependence.

Now, in the midst of this reckoning, the toxicity within the world environment gives rise to COVID-19, as the world approaches the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. While the health, economic and social impacts of this crisis may be devastating on one level, the virus is also revealing unforetold opportunities. Inherent to viruses are their evolutionary impacts and balancing effects. A powerful illustration of this is the resounding global pause on humanity’s unchecked carbon footprint that this coronavirus has sent our world into.  

We are witnessing what seems to be the impossible becoming possible in the twinkling of an eye. The luxury of denial is over — we have vivid images of water canals sparkling, the return of wildlife, along with striking, before and after, photos of smoggy skies now clear over cities taking action to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 virus. Nature is showing us that when given the space, it thrives and recovers.

Following the earth’s lead, it seems plausible that we have been given a radical opportunity to liberate ourselves from the mind complicit in normalizing the pollution of our planetary home and the harmful inequities that place the life of all species at risks.

While sheltered in place we can make peace with the inner and outer environment and tune into how quickly the earth is purifying our planetary home and paving the way for us to recover our dulled senses in a way that may inform our emergence into the new impulses being seeded now.

The good news is — we are wired for altruism and collaboration within an interdependent world. We have dormant capacities that we can activate by listening to the earth.

Deep listening occurs when we orient to the present moment and consign our senses to being attentive to each breath while recognizing that we are within the earth’s biosphere where the biodiversity of myriad lifeforms participate in contributing to the nourishing mix of nutrients that sustains all life.

The biometrics associated with active listening points to beneficial markers in heart rate variability, blood pressure, pulse, and brain activity that heightens our performance and reduces anxiety and stress.

Listening matched with concentrative focus of our attention takes us into forms of lucidity where we drop into states of relaxation that allow us to process our world utilizing the frontal lobes region of our brain. Accessing these states of awareness, come with being present in the body in a way that allows for the neuronal pathways to fall into coherent heart rhythms linked with the gut brain while opening a path to the frontal lobes. The linking of these three main centers is linked with ancient practices across traditions.

Imagine the possibility that an essential step toward transforming our world is as easy as listening to the earth. A simple step that flips on the switch to an inner technology in which an enabling environment makes it possible to recover our humanity, and our natural desire to thrive in harmony with Nature.

Myra L Jackson, Senior Advisor, Board Member, Diplomat of the Biosphere, Focal Point on Harmony with Nature, Global Lead on Freshwaters



Myra Jackson

Myra has enjoyed a diverse array of hefty careers as an Electrical Engineer, Organizational Development Professional, Systems Thinker and Master Trainer.