“I'm going to take you through on a journey and there's some very specific instructions that I offer you. They come really deep from the mother and it's a, it's a request to not only bring the quality of your presence today, and I do thank you because you've answered a gentle call that's out there and you're representative of many who are out in the world also gathering at this time.

I want to acknowledge that and as we begin, it's helpful for us just to go to our breath. And so let's place our attention on the breath and let this be that gentle call to presence. And as you do this, feel yourself falling in, in, in with the breath and release. Release this breath and again, take another breath in, going in, in, in. And out. And one more time. Breathing in, allowing yourself to go in, in, in, and out. And as you feel the relaxation of the breath and allowing that to deepen, be sure that you stay lucid, don't go away. Stay in your body, wiggle your toes if you need to. Keep it gentle, relaxed. Remember, this is the breath that connects us to the aliveness of the earth, to each other and to the present moment. It's the very quality of your embodied presence that helps to sharpen the senses and the innate bonds of existence we have with the earth.

Stay in the body, staying present, if you will. Imagine that exquisite Madonna, blue radiance that surrounds the earth. Can you call it into your mind's eye? It's that wisp of radiance and that wisp of radiance that surrounds the earth is that liminal space called the biosphere. That's where our lives are happening right now, where we're embedded in that body of the earth, that living space where all life is happening, all life is happening there. That body is in essence our larger body. So, breathe in again and stay present with us.

Stay with the visualization and notice, too, that this is the very space where all of the elements, the elemental power of air, water, earth, space, fire is active. This is where the alchemical dance is happening in our bodies, in the earth, and we're all a part of that. By breathing together. These elements are at play and in this space we have, as we drill down closer to the earth, the watersheds that we all know and live in, the ecosystems that we're a part of, the connections to the earth, are residents within our own bodies, the direct correspondence to the rivers, to the ocean, to the waters of the earth, correspond to this water-filled presence we have. And in this way we can listen to the earth.

We can deepen in our listening to the earth through our senses, through the elements alive and active in our bodies. So gently sharpen your awareness, your presence to tune into that which you are: the micro representation of the larger macro body that is the planetary being. The connectivity is always present. The intelligence of this larger body is available to us, shaping us, informing us as we bring our minds into a space of peace and fill our hearts of love and apply that connection to the moment we're sharing together.

And for all of you tuning in from whatever watershed or ecosystem that you are connected to, know that today we're connected to all the world leaders who gather in this space on the Earth's body for the occasion of the United Nations Climate Summit, and as these world bodies, these world leaders present themselves to their task, we can examine within us all the places within us that may be in conflict, that may be at odds with the earth and make peace.

And I ask that in that place that we extend by way of our presence, the enabling environment that would help world leaders and the decisions they make that affect all life on the planet, to place at the center of the debate, the wellbeing of the earth. Knowing fully that, as they do this, that the interests of the nations they represent and the future generations of all life and all species, are taken care of, as we care for the earth.

In listening to the earth, we open ourselves to the potent, intelligent, creative solutions for our time. It calls upon us to be awake, to be alive, and to mature as a human presence on the planet with true agency to mediate, care and compassion for all life. And we can do this. We're wired to be and to do our lives in harmony with nature.

I invite you now through the quality of your presence here now to take a moment of silence and deepen in your commitment, in your love and your care for life.

Thank you for the quality of your presence. May you walk with this beautiful, luminous kiss of the mother with you today. Thank you.”

Myra Jackson

Myra has enjoyed a diverse array of hefty careers as an Electrical Engineer, Organizational Development Professional, Systems Thinker and Master Trainer.

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