Cynthia Jurs, founder of the Gaia Mandala Global Healing Community, shares what she has learnt from listening to the Earth as she guided the planting of over 55 "Earth Treasures Vases" around the world, in support of Earth's healing and protection. 

She talks about the opportunity we are given to unleash our own treasures of creativity, find our tribe and engage joyfully in support of regeneration in the world.  She shares how the "great teacher", Gaia, can inspire a policy for our own lives, one which guides us to nourish what we want to see more of in the world. She also shares very practical ways whereby we can slow down and cultivate our connection with the natural world, honouring the fact that "we are the Earth". 

In addition to this interview, Cynthia guided a short 3 minute practice with the sounding of the bell, which you can use anytime of the day, when you need to pause and "return", as her teacher Thich Nhat Hahn invites us to do.  

You can find out more about Cynthia's work, including the Earth Treasure Vases, the Full Moon Meditations and her teachings on Arya Gaia on 

Highlights of the interview

Full interview with Cynthia Jurs

Sounding of the bell, by Cynthia Jurs

A 2 minute practice to "stop and return"