In this episode of the Listening to the Earth podcast, Zara Waldebäck shares her love of words and how they are precious companions in her connection with Nature. A source inspiration and guidance, she sees words as playmates that help us connect to our soul and the soul of life around us. 

Zara offers courses on "Writing with soul" in which she guides participants in discovering new dimensions of words and, through them, of the world within and around us.

Zara Waldebäck teaches nature awareness and creative soul practices, to help people connect with the Living World. Working with systemic nature constellations and rights of nature, she also developed Stories of Nature, an animate storytelling method to better hear the voice of the Earth. Part of the Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies, she teaches online and internationally, including Schumacher College UK, Aurora Italy, Hungary, Ireland, UK, China and Russia.

The conversation is hosted by Charlotte Dufour, co-founder of Listening Inspires, the NGO which hosts the Listening to the Earth podcast.