In her 20 years of working with passion on food security and nutrition with NGOs, governments and the United Nations in many parts of the world (namely Afghanistan and sub-Saharan Africa), Charlotte has learned that the transformations needed to make the world a more equitable and joyful place, where humans live in harmony with one another and nature, can only come from within.

In 2016, she became an instructor of Ananda Yoga and now also teaches meditation. The path of “Self-Realization” (as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda) transformed her life and led her to create Narayan, a social enterprise which promotes a “soulful approach to sustainable development”. As part of this transformation, she received the spiritual name "Karuna Devi" (deity of Compassion).

She currently consults with various organizations, including the UN and 4SD, on sustainable food systems, team building and personal development, embracing a living systems approach.