Elise has contributed to numerous COPs as an adviser or a campaign coordinator to organizations such as WWF or WBCSD.

Although actively involved in international initiatives, Elise is also passionate about local action and grassroots mobilization, including by empowering and mentoring youth leaders. Elise currently serves as co-founder of the inter-party Climate dialogue Commission and worked as Senior Advisor for the facilitation and development of the Nature-Based Coalition led by China and New Zealand for of the UN Climate Action Summit in September 2019.

In 2020, Elise founded "Climate and Sustainability" to foster radical collaboration in support of climate action. She presently facilitates the Planetary Emergency Partnership. 

Originally from France, Elise now lives in Switzerland with her husband and two children. She loves connecting to nature, mountaineering, yoga and outdoor activities.

Elise is also a writer, the author of two books, and has been teaching for various universities and international schools.