She fully retired at the age of 48 to actualize her own inner and outer peace with the environment and work on behalf of the restoration of people and planet in harmony with Nature. Her spiritual path deepened with travel into remote areas of the Earth and living abroad where an opportunity to represent 88 NGOs as a focal point during the Rio +20 summit brought her to Brazil and into a formal relationship with the UN system.
Myra served on the UN Open Working Group on the Sustainable Development goals from March 2013 to July 2015 and led efforts to communicate the 17 SDGs from the global to local in her role as UN Representative and focal point on Climate Change and Rights of Nature with Earth Law Center. She is Senior Advisor on Whole Earth Civics and UNFCCC delegate since 2014; and serves on the UN Harmony with Nature Expert Platform.
In 2021, Myra convened the Global Freshwaters Summit, an initiative of the Global Being Foundation established by her in the same year. In December 2021, she joined the board of The Commons where real earth metrics aid national and local governmental agencies in decision-making; and digital journalism that informs communities working to restore people and planet through science and story-telling.
Myra is currently the Mindfulness Fellow and visiting instructor on Sustainability in the Anthropocene at Colorado College. A cohort of Colorado College students will join her in a field study to Sharm el Sheik, Egypt for COP 27 in November 2022.
In an aspirational way, Myra carries the title of Diplomat of the Biosphere given by the Stockholm Resilience Centre and speaks internationally on the SDGs, climate change and the rights of nature. She invites all of us to listen to the Earth in a way that ensures a healthy living Biosphere.