What kind of event can you organize?

Here are some ideas for an event you can host:

  • Organize synchronized / group meditations, or moments of silent contemplation, in your networks and community
  • Bring a group together to collectively follow the guided meditation livestreamed from the next Global Occasion (see join an event)
  • Hold “a minute of silence” in gratitude for the earth’s gifts to us
  • Gather in a spirit of mindful celebration for the earth, with music, poetry, dance and more
  • Spend a moment in silent contemplation in nature (a walk, sitting contemplating a beautiful landscape, or a flower in your apartment)
  • Organize a school trip for children or youth in a nature reserve and enjoy its beauty
  • Go to the beach and listen to the waves as they come and go
  • Sit quietly in a park or forest and listen to the sounds of the trees, birds, insects and yourself.
  • Take a hike and take in the view
  • Plant a tree and nurture it
  • Enhance the connection with the earth and feel her wisdom and healing power by placing your left hand on your womb for women/girls, and on your abdomen or heart center for men, while the right hand lays on earth

Here are resources to inspire your moments of meditation, contemplation, prayers for the Earth.

Once you have organised an event, list it here with Listening to the Earth!