These are the moments when tuning in to the wisdom of the earth and the power of the collective is particularly crucial as this is when leaders from around the world come together to take decisions that impact billions of lives around the world, the millions of species that populate the planet, and all expressions of life on earth.

Current Occasion

Here are some resources to recharge and be inspired with moments of mindful connection to the Earth throughout the UNFCCC COP27...

Previous Global Occasions

Join us for daily moments of mindful connections to the Earth, guided by representatives of Original Peoples from around the world, to support the COP26

A Summit and Film Festival to to activate the will of people, community and leaders toward restoration of our freshwater biomes. April 19-23rd 2021.

Join us Friday 13th November 11:45 GMT for a moment of mindful connection to the Earth during the Race to Zero Dialogues on Nature-Based Solutions.

Join daily moments of mindful connection to the Earth on the occasion of the Nature for Life Hub and UN Biodiversity Summit during the UN General Assembly.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day (22 April) the Listening to the Earth team and partners invite you to join a webinar & collective meditation

Join solidarity meditations for healing people & the planet every Sunday 9pm CET

Inspirations to support deliberations on connections between people and planet

Daily moments of mindful connection to the Earth in support of UNFCCC COP 25

L2E events held in support of Nature-Based Solutions, in NY and around the world