We're inviting Mother Earth to the COP26!

Join us in connecting with and listening to Her! How?

  • Join us every day at 10:40-10:50 GMT in the Nature+Zone Pavilion (Blue Zone) or online* for a moment of meditation and connection to Nature guided by representatives of Original Peoples from around the world.

*the events will be streamed on this website, www.nature4climate.org and on Facebook @Listening2theEarth. Recordings of past events are below.

  • Start your COP26 meetings with a moment of mindful connection to the Earth to relax, connect and be inspired. You can use the Listening to the Earth “COP meeting opener” card available here.

"There is a space where spirit and science now meet. It's an orchard filled with curiosity, compassion and collaboration. When we slow down, sip and savour, we get to meet one another as if for the first time every time.  When we do that, we create spaces for ongoing transformation, kindness and sustainable change. We do this together." Rev. Gail Love-Schock, Inter-faith minister, Scotland.  

We are grateful for the precious contributions of all our partners who make these contributions possible: Nature4Climate, TreeSisters and Insight Share, and most importantly, the individuals who will be guiding us in connecting to the Earth (see programme below).

Listening to the Earth in COP26 with Rev. Gail Love-Schock - Day 1

Rev. Gail Love-Schock is an Inter-faith minister and Prosperity Mentor from Scotland

Listening to the Earth in COP26 with Mindahi Bastida - Day 2

Mindahi Bastida, from the Otomi Toltec Nation of Central Mexico is Director of the Original Nations Programme at The Fountain.

Listening to the Earth in COP26 with Rituraj Pukhan - Day 3

Rituraj Phukan, from Assam, Founder of Indigenous People's Climate Justice Forum & National Coordinator for Biodiversity, The Climate Reality Project India

Listening to the Earth in COP26 with Lissia Amach - Day 4

Lissia, a co-founder and Board member of L2E and Listening Inspires, is a researcher in cultural studies (gender, race and religion) and yoga instructor.

Listening to the Earth in COP26 with Kirsti Luke - Day 5

Kirsti Luke, a Maori from New Zealand, is CEO Tuhoe Te Uru Taumatua.

Listening to the Earth in COP26 with Jyoti Ma - Day 6

Grandmother Jyoti Ma, from the United States, is the Visionkeeper of the Centre for Sacred Studies, and Founder of The Fountain

Listening to the Earth in COP26 with Charlotte Dufour - Day 7

Charlotte Dufour is a co-founder and Board Member of the Listening to the Earth movement and Listening Inspires, the NGO which hosts it.

Listening to the Earth in COP26 with Myra and Ashwini - Day 8

Live from COP26! L2E's Ashwini Prabha & Myra Jackson opened the event "Accelerating the Transition to Sustainable Food Systems" organised by EAT and UNFCCC

Listening to the Earth in COP26 with Belen Páez - Day 9

Listen to this beautiful message and song shared from Belen Páez, from Ecuador, working with Fundacion Pachamama & the Amazon Sacred Headwaters Initiative